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VGDC - 012 by StillJade VGDC - 012 by StillJade
I churned out another decent one versus the ones in scraps…
Looks like 3 different styles-- still working on that.

Chrono Cross
Completed: 2002
Characters: Main Party-- Serge, Glenn, & Norris
This is more or less my First 3D game ever... the thing was it wasn't my game and I didn't have the system to play it. It was actually my older cousin's game that my similar aged cousin "borrowed" and since I lived in a different state could only play it between the "X-mas game" and holiday appearances-- let's say it took a few years to beat. I loved it because of the colorful characters, vibrant backgrounds, and the music--- OH the MUSIC is amazing. The story is a bit overly complicated--- but since i played it over the years and have had a habit of playing it through once every few years I still find random bits I missed previously. I'm probably at my 5th play through via PSN's PS1 classics downloads-- gotta love the continue plus function. 
The party shown here is of Serge (MC), Glenn (Acacia Dragoon), and Norris (Black Wind) and is the party I chose to beat the game my first run. I thought it would be entertaining to keep two members of opposing factions in a team together-- kinda like keeping Frog and Magus on the same team in Chrono Trigger. For my current runs I always keep Glenn-- dual Einlanzer swords make him a total BEAST.

Used AtariChanDrawer again for poses-- came out kinda interesting when it spat out these 3.

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